Double Mix

Half and half mix of screened topsoil and 1/2″ screened compost. Used for creating new gardens of top up existing vegetable and flower gardens, or a base for laying sod.

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One thought on “Double Mix

  1. I Bought two yards of this for my lawn, it was loaded with garbage. Plastic bags, broken glass, wire, metal. I Brought a ziplock bag full of this stuff to show your front office staff and the gentleman told me sorry about your luck. I have half a yard sitting in my trailer. I’m very disappointed in this because over the last year and a half I have become a regular customer of Kawartha capital. I’ve purchased clear stone, top soil, screened big o, poly metric sand and various other products, and until last week I have never had a problem. I can not believe that your staff told me that this is an award winning product from Miller and it was loaded with trash and now I’m stuck with it. I guess I should find another supplier.

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