3 thoughts on “Armour Stone

  1. looking for smooth-edged “field stone” to use as a natural-looking border for a sandbox… bigger than 5″, not as big (or sharp-edged) as “Armour stone”

  2. We are looking at possibly replacing a pre-fab cement stair at the front of our home with a stack of 3 armour stones. We would like the width to be 36″ with a rise of approx. 6-1/2″ each. Could you provide me with an approx. cost of the rock to complete this job? Also, are your staff able to position the rocks for us or would we have to hire someone else to do this?

    1. Hi Penny Rochetta…Thank you for your question…Unfortunately we do not offer onsite services as described. I you have a moment to call into the store we would be pleased to provide some referrals for contractors in our area that can help you out.
      Kind regards,
      Craig Phillips
      Store Manager

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