Save Your Back!

February, the month of love! Unfortunately, it is also a month that can be filled with snow, slush, and ice. With the correct techniques and products though, you can focus less on the hassle and spend more time with that special someone.

Save your back! Use proper lifting techniques when shoveling snow from your driveway. Bend and lift with the legs, don’t carry a load that is too heavy for you and more than anything, do not rush. When you rush you’re more likely to injure yourself through overexertion, hyperextension, and twisting your body in an awkward manner.

Moreover, the right tools for the job are going to give you better, more efficient results. Use a shovel that works with your body, not against. An ergonomic design helps you utilize the correct areas of your body for lifting and causes less structural distress to your back muscles and spine. We carry varying sizes of ergonomic shovels and snow pushers at competitive rates! Call us at 705-750-0440 and one of our helpful store staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have that last remaining ice that just refuses to get lost? Salt is the friend you’ve been looking for. We have 44lbs bags available for almost half the price you’ll find them at your local grocery store. Uh-oh! Do you have concrete and plants that you don’t want to risk harming? Not a problem! We have ice melt that is friendly to your grass/plants, concrete, and won’t track into your house. 50lbs bags available.