Are you overseeding your lawn this spring? We recommend using our double mix soil. This soil is half screened topsoil and half screened compost. It will add nutrients to the soil to help the grass grow. We also sell an Overseed blend of grass seed. A mix of perennial ryegrass, fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. Available…Read More

Save Your Back!

February, the month of love! Unfortunately, it is also a month that can be filled with snow, slush, and ice. With the correct techniques and products though, you can focus less on the hassle and spend more time with that special someone. Save your back! Use proper lifting techniques when shoveling snow from your driveway….Read More

Ice Melt

Avoid slips and falls this winter. We have Ice Melt and Safety salt available in conveniently sized bags. Our Landscaper’s Choice ice melter is specially formulated with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate).  This fast acting and reliable ice melter stays on surfaces longer to reduce freeze/thaws and wont leave an oily residue.  Less harmful to vegetation…Read More

Whose fertilizer numbers are bigger?

Are you looking for the biggest numbers on the fertilizer bag (eg. 28-1-10)? Did you know that cool season grass like Kentucky Blue requires just as much potassium (the last number on the fertilizer bag) as it does nitrogen (the first number on the fertilizer bag) in a growing season? Therefore the first and last…Read More