General FAQ’s

Are you open to the public?

Absolutely! Our landscape supply store is open to the general public and offers a full range of landscape supplies for pick-up or delivery. We specialize in bulk products and materials which is why you save. You don’t have to pay for the packaging and marketing of the big box stores.

How is material sold?
Soils, amendments, and mulches are measured and priced by the cubic yard. Half yard loads are available.

Stone, aggregates, and sands are sold by the metric tonne. You only pay for what you weigh! We can help you determine quantities for each specific project.

All bulk materials are also available by the bag. We have bags available for sale that hold 2 cubic feet or 60lbs of material.

During our summer season we have prefilled bags available of most of our sands and aggregates. We do not have prefilled bags of soils and mulches as we want to be able to purvey the freshest product to our customers as possible. In our winter season bags are not prefilled. During any season, please feel free to call ahead of time and we can have one of our staff fill your desired amount of bags with the product you require.

You are also welcome to bring your own containers or boxes to fill, prices will vary depending on size.

How much material do I need?
If you measure the area(s) you need to cover, we can advise you how much material you will need.

Please contact our store by phone 705-750-0440 or e-mail info@kawarthacapital.com and we will be happy to help.


What type of soil is best for topdressing lawns?
If you are over-seeding your lawn, our Double Mix is the recommended soil. This soil is a blend of screened topsoil and screened compost that provides rich nutrition and moisture retention.

A proper fertilizer program is always recommended to achieve optimal health and growth of your lawn. We offer an excellent selection of organic and synthetic products to nourish your lawn and gardens.

What type of soil is best for gardens?
Gardens require additional organic material for proper moisture retention and nutrient. Our Garden Builder Soil is called Triple-Mix and contains screened topsoil, compost for nutrients, and peat moss that helps o hold moisture, provide proper aeration, and drainage. This soil is perfect for creating new gardens and refreshing existing gardens.


What type of aggregate should I use?
We have a wide variety of aggregates consisting of various types of sand, gravel, and stone. Certain materials are better suited to specific purposes.

  • A-Gravel, crushed limestone, and sand can all act as filler or compaction material to create a sturdy base.
  • A-Gravel, 3/4 clear stone and crushed limestone can also be used for driveways.
  • Play sand, pea stone and river stone can be used for decorative purposes or around playground areas.
  • Clear stone is used mainly for fill that requires drainage.
  • Drainage stone is excellent for using around weeping tile.
  • 1/4 chip is perfect for compaction and drainage under patio stones.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on choosing the right material type for your job.


What are the differences between mulch types?
Mulches are typically either hardwood or softwood or a mix of the two. The most common softwood mulches are Cedar, Pine and Hemlock.

Cedar has a distinctive aroma, stays in place well, and will not decompose allowing more than one season of use.
Pine is slightly more rugged looking, turns dark with age, and suppresses weeds better than Cedar.
Hemlock, unlike Pine or Cedar, decomposes within a few seasons. This adds organic material to your garden, and avoids the hassle of removing mulch the following season.

How many seasons will mulch last?
Based on individual preference, mulch can last as long as you enjoy its visual appearance. Additionally you can ‘fluff’ your mulch every few months to achieve that fresh moist look once again.

  • Cedar does not decompose, and turns grey with age.
  • Pine decomposes slowly, and turns dark brown with age.
  • Hemlock decomposes quickly and turns to a light gold with age.

How much Mulch can my truck/trailer hold?
A regular pickup truck with a 6 foot box may hold up to 1 yard of mulch.

Grass Seed

What type of seed should I use?
There are Sun blends, Shade blends, and All-purpose blends. However the single most important aspect to look for is Certified Blends. Certified Blends ensure high grade and endophyte enhanced, these are hand picked seed varieties such as “Longfellow II Chewings Fescue”, rather than just “Fescue”. Additionally, certified blends are weed free. All of our varieties are certified blends.

How much area does seed cover?
Coverage depends on the grass seed blend. An average 1kg bag of grass seed will cover approx 400 sq ft.

What is the best way to seed a lawn?
If your intentions are for the old grass to grow up through, spread 0.5 to 1 inch across the lawn. To start a fresh lawn, either remove the old turf before hand, or spread 3 inches or more of soil on top of the existing lawn to ensure that it does not grow through.

Spread seed by hand or with a spreader, and rake it into the top half inch of soil with a fan rake. Soak thoroughly every 2 days until you see sprouting. Anywhere from 5 to 28 days is normal for different varieties to sprout. Applying fertilizer two weeks or more before applying seed is recommended to help speed root growth.


How far ahead do I need to call to book a delivery?
Sometimes your schedule is hectic, and planning home gardening and landscaping can happen last minute. We pride ourselves on providing prompt and timely delivery service. If you call the day of, we will do everything within our power to get the material to you that day. However, next day deliveries are 100% guaranteed.

What truck sizes are available for delivery?
Our small trucks hold 3.5 tonnes of aggregate or 5 yards of topsoil/mulch. Tandem trucks hold 13 tonnes of aggregate or 15 yards of topsoil/mulch, and our Triaxle trucks hold 21 tonnes of aggregate or 22 yards of topsoil/mulch. For extra large or multiple load deliveries please call us to discuss volume pricing.

What is the minimum delivery amount?
The minimum delivery in Peterborough is 1 yard. There is a minimum of 3 yards outside Peterborough up to a 20 minute radius. Depending on the location a minimum of 6 yards could apply. Please contact our store for delivery rates.


  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit or Cash.
  • We can also place orders for Cash On Delivery. Cash must be received in hand before the load is dumped.
  • We do not accept Personal or Business Cheques.