Snow & Ice Control


With treacherous fluctuations between ice and snow, winters can be a huge challenge for commercial and industrial property owners. At Kawartha Capital we understand the need to have snow & ice controlled and cleared in an efficient and effective manner. We make sure you have safe access through snow and ice events by providing snow and ice control services to your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By tracking snow storms minute-by-minute as they move into the area, we are ready for the snow well before it falls ensuring your roads, parking lots and walkways are plowed as quickly as possible. We have the staff, the expertise, the experience and the resources you can count on.

With more than 50 pieces of snow removal equipment and teams of snow-removal experts, we are ready to attack every snow storm, no matter how large. We work around-the-clock if necessary to keep your walks, driveways, and parking lots clear. Our fleet of trucks, snowplows, salters, loaders, tractors and more, as well as the newest ice and snow-melting products, quickly and effectively remove snow and provide safe access to your property.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking system to effectively track time for invoicing and we also provide detailed snow maintenance records with all invoices. The fleet is MTO certified (as required) and fully insured with ten million dollars of liability coverage.