Our Commitment to Sustainability

KCC understands that all of our services and activities have an impact not only on our clients, but also on the environment.  Our commitment and approach to sustainability is evident in our work, in the materials we purchase and produce, and in the methods by which we manage and reduce waste on all our projects.

In our work, we are committed to not only providing excellent value but also to using methods that can significantly impact the capacity of the organizations and communities that we work with.

We are aware of our impact on the environment. KCC endeavors to minimize the environmental impact of waste generated on any project.  On job sites, we provide separate bins for recyclable materials such as metals, wood products, and designate landfill-only bins for refuse.  To minimize the amount of materials designated for municipal landfill, any materials not accepted for recycling through the municipality are diverted to a commercial recycling facility for further waste diversion.