Bin Rentals

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Available Bin Sizes

14 Cubic Yards – 14ft Long x 8 ft Wide x 5 ft High

15 Cubic Yards – 15 ft Long x 8 ft Wide x 5 ft High

20 Cubic Yards – 22 ft Long x 8 ft Wide x 5 ft High

30 Cubic Yards – 2 ft Long x 8 ft Wide x 6 ft High

40 Cubic Yards – 22 ft Long x 8.5 ft Wide x 7 ft High

Flat bed available in two sizes for floating equipment and products. Hourly rates apply.

Maximum Allowable Weight for Disposal is 18 Metric Tonnes.

Did you know?  We can bring you any of our products in the bin upon delivery. The material can be dropped in a suitable location and the bin can be left onsite in one trip thereby saving you an extra delivery fee.

Payment Options

Payment may be made with a Credit Card over the phone, (Visa or M/C),  prepay with Debit in the store,  with cash or certified cheque on delivery.


(Q) What type of material can be disposed of in the bin.

(A) Clean Fill, Construction Waste, Solid Household Waste, Green Waste, Concrete, (All must be separate)

(Q) What is the definition of Clean Fill?

(A) Clean fill consists only of topsoil, sand, small amounts of sod and natural gravel or stone. Clean fill does not consist of pavers, concrete, asphalt, wood, plant material or any compostable green waste and must not be mixed with clean fill.

(Q) What is considered Solid Waste?

(A) Non hazardous solid waste included renovation waste, demolition waste, drywall, wood, plaster, roofing, shingles and scrap metal. Hazardous waste such as used oil, liquid paints, cleaning chemicals and propane tanks cannot be included.