Screened Topsoil

Screened in our yard from local area job sites.

Can be used to fill in low spots in lawn, can be used for overseeding, however does not contain any nutrients

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2 thoughts on “Screened Topsoil

  1. Hello Kawartha Capital,
    My lawn looks bad and the soil is exposed and dry. I am thinking it may be good to put a layer of new topsoil on with new lawn seeds. Which type of topsoil do you think is appropriate? And what is the unit price?


    1. Hi Weibin…we suggest a thin layer of topdressing and then seed…it would be most effective if you loosened the existing soil first…and you could apply a starter fertilizer to speed up the growth procees…please call in at your convenience to discuss the quantity you may require…705-750-0440…our prices are based on volumes and delivery location…thank you for your request…kind regards,
      Craig (store manager)

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